Magnetic Agitator HMR

Precise stirring technology for mixing delicate molecules up to hardly soluble substances 

High quality Magnetic Agitators for all applications

Magnetic Agitators are electrical devices used for sterile and delicate stirring and mixing of substances. The sensitive liquids and powders are mixed for use in aseptic equipment in the biotechnology and food industries.
Important components of HMR magnetic agitators are high-tech ceramic bearings that ensure sterility during operation.They consist of a fixed inner bearing and a rotating outer bearing and provide precise centering of the agitator head. During operation, it is lifted by magnetic force and placed in a floating state. Magnetically driven agitators do not have mechanical seals, thus preventing particle abrasion and minimizing the risk of contamination of the end product.
Magnetrührer mit schonender Rührwirkung

All advantages at a glance

We develop, design and produce electric agitators with a high manufacturing quality and surface finish. They are used in process techniques like homogenizing, suspending and dispersing sterile or toxic liquids. All advantages of our HANAG agitators are shown here at a glance.


High precision
High precision ceramic bearing, abrasion-free


From manufacturer
Specially developed
levitation process


High process safety
Excellent CIP/
SIP results


Easy installation
Easy and safe to remove
and install


High quality product
Perfect mixing and
agitation results


Hygienic Design
GMP compliant

Our solutions for homogeneous agitating and mixing processes

HANAG provides a variety of agitators that differ in terms of volume, agitator drive and torque - depending on the agitating task, application and the respective requirements. Download our data sheet here - and feel free to contact us, we will be happy to work out a customized concept for your company together with you.

Datasheet download

Download SymbolView datasheet

Powerful agitating of large quantities with excellent mixing results

Magnetic agitators from HANAG are ideally suited for mixing larger quantities of liquids. We provide agitators for a wide range of applications, especially for aseptic requirements. HANAG magnetic agitators with proven and consistently high quality ensure precise stirring processes and excellent process capability. They offer best ease of use and are available in customized design.
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The clear, open concept of the HMR provides smooth surfaces for ideal flushing. The result: An optimal CIP/SIP capability.The Magnetic Agitator HMR is available in different sizes and with different stirring blades. CIP/SIP compliant design allows the use in sterile environment. A SiC bearing and high-quality stainless steel materials meet the highest demands regarding abrasion and GMP confirmity.
One Magnetic Agitator – Three types of agitating blades
Select from three different wing types according to your application. We would be delighted to assist you in finding the right size for your vessel.Depending on the application and specification, three-phase motors or permanent magnet motors are used for magnetic agitators. Both types can additionally be equipped with infinitely variable speed control.
Strong mixing agitator


For strong mixing
Suitable for most applications
Mixing of hardly soluble substances possible
Mixing of large quantity of solids possible
Maximum speed 
50 - 450 rpm
Smooth mixing


For smooth mixing
Suitable for most applications
Easy mixing functions 
Low air inlet
Low foam formin
Maximum speed
50 - 450 rp
Delicate molecules mixing


For very smooth mixing
Mixing of very delicate molecules without breaking them up in the process

Maximum speed
50 - 150 rpm
Technical data
Special requests possible on request
Surfaces in contact:
< 3 %
Silicone Carbide
About HANAG Steriltechnik AG
We are a Swiss manufacturer of magnetic agitators for sterile and smooth mixing of sensitive products in process vessels. We offer a wide range of standard and custom solutions for aseptic applications in the pharmaceutical, biotech, food and chemical industries.
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